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Not quite as simple in real life - but we hope you get the idea behind it!
Tracking of your shipment

To obtain best service for you as a costumer of Pfaff forwarders you are able to track your shipment wordlwide. We provide this service to any costumer who wishes it.

Only thing you need from us is our vehicle-number for your shipment.

  • then please login at our service provider-side
  • chosse the vehicle by the number given to you

In seconds you will receive the postition of this vehicle and therefore your shipment.

There is a continous update of you shipment every few minutes. You are even able to send text-messages to our driver, if changes of short notice appeared.

If possible, our driver will follow the changes of your order.

Please be aware, that you have to choose a password before logging in for the first time. Choose at least a password ombined out of 6 letters and numbers.

login tracking
you´ll need
  • account name
  • user name
  • password
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